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I am Jitendra Singh, a.k.a. ‘Jiten’ on various social platforms. Having a Masters degree in Computer Applications from IGNOU, New Delhi, India. Currently working at IBM as Subject Matter Expert – Oracle Database and prior to that I worked with HCL Technologies and AON Inc.

Apart from multiple databases and cloud computing, I am inclined towards orchestration tools like terraform & ansible, programming languages specifically python and go, markup language as json and yaml. I also touch based open source container-orchestration platforms like kubernetes and docker.

I get inspired by many people on tech industry and love exploring there wonderful articles, blog, tech-notes and videos/web sessions which taught me a lot lately. That motivated me to start this blog and share my two cents about little did I know by my experience.

I read somewhere and I quote,

The more you learn,the more you know. The more you know, the more you forget

The more you forget, the less you know. So…blog it before you forget it!


Mainly I created this blog to help me to remember handy things I tend to forget, but if articles on this blog can be useful to you in any way, it will be a win-win.

Want to end with a famous quote by Larry Ellison which gives me encouragement to do this.

When I do something, it is all about self-discovery. I want to learn and discover my own limits.

~Larry Ellison

Thankyou for reading!