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Oracle Documentations and Links

Due to a great community we have in oracle technologies, there are n numbers for blogs and articles available on the internet when you need one, but sometimes we have to look upon the official documentation too.

Now, as plethora of products offered by oracle, that too with many releases available, I often stress my fingers to do some google searching until I tried to make a catalog of many Oracle official documentation  and useful links I need at times.

I will keep on updating this post as learning is always perpetual…until then, there are few:

CloudOracle Cloud Free Tier | Oracle Cloud Documentation | Cloud Customer Connect | OCI Status Worldwide |

BlogsOracle Cloud Infrastructure Blog | Exadata Blog | Oracle Database Blog | MAA Blog| Optimizer Blog | Oracle Linux BlogAll Oracle Blog Directory | 

Databases (contains RAC, ASM, Clusterware, Datagaurd, etc.)

  1. Oracle Database 20c – Preview Only
  2. Oracle Database 19c
  3. Oracle Database 18c
  4. Oracle Database 12c Release 2
  5. Oracle Database 12c Release 1


  1. Oracle GoldenGate 19.1
  2. Oracle GoldenGate 12c (
  3. Oracle GoldenGate 12c (
  4. Oracle GoldenGate 12c (12.1.2)

Oracle Enterprise Manager

  1. Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control Release 13.4
  2. Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control Release 13.3
  3. Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control Release 13.2
  4. Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control Release 13.1
  5. Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c Release 5


  1. Oracle LiveSQL
    Learn and share SQL, for free. Get instant access to the Oracle Database and learn from a collection of community scripts and tutorials. Write your own SQL scripts and easily share with others.
  2. Oracle Database Features and Licensing explorer
    Fans of Oracle Database often ask, “When was <insert your favorite feature name> added to Oracle Database?” And, “Is <feature name> included in Standard Edition or Enterprise Edition?” Of course, you could use Google search to find the answer, but now there is a really cool APEX application that answers those questions and so much more.
  3. Oracle LiveLab
    Oracle LiveLabs gives you free access to Oracle’s Cloud to run a wide variety of labs and workshops; allowing you to learn cutting-edge skills in our Cloud, live! Find the workshop you want then either choose to start the workshop now or reserve a date and time to work through it. We’ll guide you through the process from end-to-end. You won’t need to sign up for anything else – all accounts and access will be provided!
~Thankyou for reading.

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