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Jitendra Singh

DBA, DBaaS Consultant, Alibaba Cloud MVP, YouTuber/Blogger

This webspace is an amalgamation of all my projects including my IT blog & two YouTube channels: JitenXplain & JitenTastic.

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”

— Will Durant

Latest Posts

  • Sangam21: What, Why and How?

    Sangam is the largest independent Oracle users group conference in India, conducted each year by All India Oracle User Group (AIOUG) which is a biggest

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  • How to create TDE wallet with auto login in RAC

    TDE transparently encrypts data at rest in Oracle Databases. It stops unauthorized attempts from the operating system to access database data stored in files, without

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  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure 2021 Free Training and Certification

    Last month I wrote a blog about how to kickstart your Oracle cloud journey where I discussed various cloud explorer training. Subsequent to that, on

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  • Oracle LiveLabs for DBAs

    Oracle LiveLabs portal is a place for DIY workshop for Oracle’s tools and technologies. It caters a wide variety of labs and workshop for developers,

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  • Adaptive Cursor Sharing – An Overview

    Continuing my previous posts about cursor sharing and bind peeking, in this post will discuss about Adaptive Cursor Sharing (ACS), which is a mechanism introduced

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  • How to kickstart your Oracle Cloud journey

    In this is quick post I will share how to kick start your Oracle Cloud journey. If you are not a caveman living under the

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